How to Select the Best Working Turbine Filters for your Application?

As we know that turbine filters are critical components of several industrial applications and processes, there is still many discrepancies regarding the purchasing and performance criteria. Maybe the most common and the initially evaluated criteria is the turbine filters’ filtration efficiency. However, it’s also important to emphasize on what is truly and equally important and that includes the turbine filters’ compressors and the performance of the gas turbine itself.

This article highlights that why it is important to evaluate other factors while choosing the filter for the air inlet system. The filtration efficiencies measure the amount of dust and other contaminants the turbine filters remove during a particular test and is developed to mention the estimate of the filter effectiveness and lifespan. That may, though, devaluate the effects of other factors of the turbine filters that are also the part of your plant. Let’s see these factors briefly.

  • The Inlet House

It implies the quantity of air and the moisture the filter can pass through. Based on how big your inlet is, you may be required to examine how the airflow is to be treated along with what filters you are choosing. It is possible to enhance the compressor performance by installing different safeguards like mist eliminators, weather hoods, moisture separators and coalesces, which decreases the amount of polluted air and moisture and helps filtration. Since these are various stages in the inlet house, they would not be accounted for any stand-alone filtration efficiency test.

  • Material used for Filter Casing

Plastics or metals are used for the filter casing. The question of concern is that is there an advantage from stainless steel versus the galvanized steel and do some kinds of plastics hold up there? Metals have the tendency to be corroded from the surrounding sites that can impact turbine filters’ performance.

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