What Happens When You Neglect Timely Pocket Filter Replacement

The pocket filter has brought much ease in our daily lives, enabling easy and fast air purification in our homes as well as commercial places. However, many people are not aware of the fact that poor maintenance of pocket filter may severely undermines its performance. The timely pocket filter replacement is the topmost item in a pocket filter maintenance checklist.

Do you remember when was the last time you replace the pocket filter in your air filtration system? Have your pocket air filters ever been replaced or changed? Do you know how often the pocket filters need to be replaced in the system? Keeping on top of frequent air filter replacement is challenging, especially when your maintenance can better be used to provide value added maintenance. However, air handling preventative maintenance, like pocket filter replacement in your air handling system is highly important. Regular air filter replacement helps ensure the highest running efficiency, maintains a standard IAQ level and keeps it hygienic across the building.

The question that many pocket filter users ask is when it comes to replacing pocket filters, what is considered as “regular”? The regular is often a vague guideline when it comes to how often the pocket filter replacement should be done. The simplest advice is to change the filters when they start looking dirty, but keep in mind that the actual required air filter replacement frequency differs heavily based on various contributing factors. In most of the cases, the pocket filters are regularly used as a pre-filtration level to the mainstream filtration of a building or a manufacturing facility. However, there are the cases where it is possible for several pocket air handling systems to not have a pre-filtration stage, so, the main air filters will require a more frequent change as compared to pocket filters.

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