Pocket Filter – Factors That Affect its Lifespan

In the last post, we discussed about how pocket filter can create an unhealthy environment at your home as well as lead to high energy bills and maintenance issues, if not replaced on time. This article, in this continuation, talks about some other crucial factors that can affect the lifespan of a pocket filter. Some of these factors that affect the pocket filter lifespan are beyond human control, and therefore, preventive measures should be taken accordingly.

The Usage Rate of HVAC System

If you are living in a mild climate and using your HVAC system up to a few hours on a daily basis, a single pocket filter can last for as long as 3 months. If your HVAC system is running on a near-constant basis, you have to replace the pocket filter within every few weeks, especially if you are using cheaper fiberglass pocket filters.

The Home’s Size

The air conditioners and furnaces in smaller homes have to pump less amount of air for the same amount of temperature variance which leads to the need of less frequent pocket filter changes. These appliances are usually developed with smaller pocket filter, though, and therefore might need to be replaced just as regularly as the pocket filter working in a bigger home.

The Indoor Air Quality

The air inside or even outside the home also greatly impact your pocket filter’s replacement cycle. The poor air quality, or presence of pets for instance, will need you to replace your pocket air filter on a more frequent basis.

There is not any ideal sign to know when to change your filter. However, if you notice a visible coating of dirt that is covering most of the filter’s surface and that is sufficiently thick to obscure its material, that’s a very clear sign that your filter must be replaced.

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