Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts – Functions & Benefits

From electrical equipment to chemicals, the laboratories, irrespective of the purposes and nature, reap a broad range of safety hazards, making it extremely important to understands lab safety as well as safety-ensuring measures. The chemical transport carts are the equipment that are used in the labs to ensure this safety by enabling proper, safer and easier transportation of chemicals from one point to another. The chemical transport carts of today are mostly made up of polypropylene because of a range of benefits the material offers. This article talks about the polypropylene chemical transport carts and its functions and benefits.

The easier, safe and proper transportation of acids as well as other hazardous chemicals is possible through chemical transport carts, which have become an important element of any lab. The chemical transport carts made up of polypropylene offers high chemical compatibility and their standard configurations, which are available in various forms, can accommodate most of the container sizes.  All these bring settled overflow reservoirs to securely contain spills Acid-resistant casters, along with the optional foot-operated floor-lock brakes, which smooth, spill-free rolling Acids as well as hazardous chemical present special handling requirements. These carts meet them.

Chemical Transport Carts’ Priority is Safety!

Made of high-quality, stress-relieved polypropylene, these transport carts can resist the acids as well as corrosives used in the wet processing applications. All the designs feature sunken receptacles that capture spills and drain into the containment reservoir that entails a valve for easy emptying.

Acid-resistant neoprene swivel casters enable easy steering in tight spaces to diminish the possibility of spills.

Flexible Container Fixtures

Various fixture designs offer an optimal container configuration for different application. For applications with heavier, larger containers, these carts are available with the epoxy-finished steel frame sometimes, which supports and offers rigidity. Manufacturers also customize these carts’ designs to meet unique storage requirements.

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