High Temperature Filter with Woven Wire Mesh

High temperature filters are heavily used in hot gas filtration. The separation of the particles out of an extremely hot gas steam is becoming of high importance across various industries. Because of the increasing need of pollution control as well as energy savings by reusing of hot processes gases, a rising number of industrial applications are using high temperature filters.

This is due to the fact that high temperature filters are not made up of standard polymeric media which doesn’t work for changes in temperatures and where the change to the metallic or other media is required. Hot gas filtration using woven wire mesh media used in high temperature filters is the latest and proven technology. By using a broad range of high-quality alloys like SS 316, SS 310, Inconel alloys, FeCralloy, and Hastelloy, a temperature ranging up to as high as 1,000 degrees centigrade in even tough corrosive settings, can be controlled and managed.

The wire mesh filter media screens for a catalytic oxidation process, which is a high-temperature operation where a temperature ranges from 800 to 950 degrees centigrade while the pressure is between 1 and 15 bars. The wire mesh medium is used as a separation screen.

Woven metallic filter media is usually fitted into various kinds of high temperature filter elements. This includes the flat elements or the supported tubes up to self-stable cartridge designs. These are mechanically strong filter media that are available in some high-quality alloys to facilitate standard bag filter installations. In general, the elements of any desired length can be used, while sizes up to 3.6 meters have been considered as suitable and commonly used sizes. To ensure high strength to beat fatigue developed by the backpulse, many manufacturers have made a proven solution to fix media into the high temperature filter cage.

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