Commercial Air Filters for Hospitals

Airborne transmission is an obvious route for various diseases like aspergillosis and tuberculosis and is connected to the outbreaks of MRSA. Commercial air filters for hospitals are must-to-have devices in every hospital, clinical and scientific settings as these are sensitive environments and must be controlled with an extra care. Ensuring clean and healthy air to such sensitive areas via existing ventilation systems is not an easy task. However, the commercial air filters specifically developed for hospitals are an ideal solution, which are used in high-performance mobile hospitals air filtration systems as well.

Air Control in Hospitals

Research studies show that commercial air filters used in hospital air filtration systems can decrease the rate of diseases by more than 50%. Effective airborne infection control via hospital air filters not just saves lives but also greatly reduces the cost of the patient care. The commercial air filters used for hospitals have the potential to fight hospital invasive infections and result in substantial cost savings.

Hospital HVAC Commercial Air Filters Integration

The stand-alone, moveable hospital commercial air filtration units are developed to be installed in a typical healthcare setting, irrespective of the hospital’s heating and ventilation system. Easily fixed at the site of each contamination, the commercial air filtration systems exhibit almost silent operations, which makes the range of these filters especially suitable for the patients’ rooms.

All commercial air filters for hospitals are developed to fight against contaminants present in the healthcare settings. The units hold a broad range of qualities that have been integrated to meet high level of expectation of convenience, performance and reliability.

To ensure that commercial air filters for hospitals are up to expectations, these are individually tested, then guaranteed and certified also, to ensure the filtration efficiency of over 99% on all particles at 0.3 microns, in most of the cases.

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