Pocket Filter – Handling & Maintenance Made Easier

When it comes to pocket filters, safety and maintenance of the equipment as well as its ability to ensure healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) are the primary concerns. Pocket filters are heavily used in many industrial and residential settings; however, their maintenance requirements are often overlooked. Proper handling and maintenance of the air treatment systems is, or should be, the most important aspect to the user. This is especially true for the companies operating in the manufacturing industry where significant hidden costs can and do occur in case of breakdowns. With these manufacturers as the users, the contractor is not able to perform the pocket filter maintenance during the winters just to smooth out the cash flows.

Their services usually entail:

  • Aerosol Pocket Filters

Remove the pocket filters, rinse with detergent to enhance the look, inspect and repair as well as install the pocket filter. For re-installation, your technician’s team may inspect the condition of all drains, seals etc.

  • Dust Particulate Pocket Filters:

On every visit of the pocket filter maintenance, the technician must record all differential pressures across the filters. In case of any of the filters being at or close to the maximum pressure drop for the system, the pocket filters should be replaced immediately.

In addition, check the pocket filters for the signs of bypass or around the filter stages. Repair the damaged gaskets and other potential issues. Where pocket filters are installed in medical, pharma, electronics and scientific applications, the particle count tests should be carried out and certificates issued.

  • Gas Pocket Filters

In certain applications like sewage odor scrubbing, kitchen cooker hood and other extract systems to reduce the levels of odors hat affect surroundings, it is advised to replace the gas filters to get rid of these odors, whenever odor starts to be felt on a frequent basis.

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