Nitrogen Storage Cabinet

Durable, efficient nitrogen storage cabinets automatically maintain clean, dry, static-safe conditions. By choosing an optional automatic nitrogen-purge control unit, you can accurately control Pre-Set Relative Humidity while reducing Nitrogen Consumption down to 75%+ in most applications.

In a nitrogen storage cabinet, the ultra-dry nitrogen with a dew point of -70 degrees Celsius is introduced under pressure into an enclosure or cavity to remove moisture and create a much drier internal environment than standard desiccant can achieve. Nitrogen purging is accomplished through commercially available purging systems or jury-rigged systems created by the very engineers designing the product itself. The concept of a Nitrogen Storage Cabinet is essentially to “squeeze” the internal components like a sponge to remove any residual humidity or moisture out of the system and then seal it up to keep the internal cavity moisture-free during its operational life.

The Working Principle

Nitrogen “N2” is served as an inert gas replacement for air where oxidation is undesirable. Nitrogen is the standard means for contamination free storage chambers. N2 does not react with stored materials and it can be isolated and purified relatively economically.

The Nitrogen storage cabinets use a removable plenum chamber designed to provide a continuous laminar flow of nitrogen over the moisture sensitive devices (MSD) maintained within the dry storage desiccator cabinet. The volume of nitrogen purged depends on the volume of the storage cabinet, the moisture contained within the contents of the cabinet, the Related Humidity of the external environment and how often the desiccator cabinet is opened. Also using “Automatic Nitrogen Storage System” would reduce Nitrogen Consumption to 75% in desiccators (dry boxes).

Acrylic or the ESD safe PVC material used in the nitrogen dry storage cabinets and desiccators perform well and of course provide a visual advantage over a stainless steel cabinet.

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