The Difference Between Glove Box & Isolator

The glove box, as discussed in our few of the last posts, is a sealed container that enables careful handling of the objects while maintaining a desired environment for them. The special gloves are developed into the glove box and placed so that you can insert your hand in the gloves and carry out task inside the box without making any impact on containment. For the most part, the glove boxes have transparent parts such as clear acrylic, which enables user to watch what is being done. These are simply structured with normal filtration and just manual handling of the equipment.

Glove box isolators, are similar to glove boxes in that they also enable easy working and view of the work going-on, in a separated, sealed environment. This is probably the function that makes users consider both the same, mistakenly. However, this is the feature where the similarity ends and the difference begins between the two.

The Difference

  • Shielded Glove Box Isolators

These isolators are developed to enable a person to work with the dangerous or toxic substances, like the radioactive materials. They are mostly used in the nuclear medicine departments in laboratories and hospitals.

  • Sterile Glove Box Isolators

These isolators are developed for the operation of toxic substances, in pharmaceuticals and infectious disease agents. They are usually used in hospitals, labs, bio laboratories for the fractioning purposes.

  • Inert Atmosphere Glove Box Isolators

These are the isolators that enables the manipulation of substances that are required to be contained in a high purity inert atmosphere, like the argon or nitrogen. Many of our research disciplines today are air sensitive and need this type of isolator rather than a simple, ordinary glove box to deliver a sustainable inert atmosphere.

In addition, as opposed to glove boxes, the glove box isolators are typically developed with stainless steel, and welded using the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) technique.

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