Choosing the Right Turbine Filters for a Gas Turbine

Turbines consume a huge amount of air and the turbine filters help retain their performance, while reducing the need for the maintenance shutdowns. Corrosion and fouling caused by the airborne contaminants and pollutants that reach the turbine filters, and eventually turbines, can greatly reduce the efficiency of the turbines and in many cases, cause turbine shutdown.

Small particles entering the turbine stick to turbine blades and turbine filters. As the fouling increases, it starts to negatively impact the aerodynamic performance of the turbines, resulting in less output power and increasing heat rate. To retain the turbine performance, it needs to be taken offline and cleaned to get rid of particles. Other pollutants cause erosion and corrosion of turbine parts, which makes businesses to incur heavy costs. The overall reduced efficiency of turbine and lost production time when it is taken offline, have huge cost impacts in terms of lost MW output. The poor air filtration may cause around 60 to 80 percent of gas turbine losses. The filtration systems, especially the turbine filters, should not be taken as commodities. Therefore, a lot of factors should be taken into account in selecting the right filtration system for gas turbines.

First of all, climatic conditions are very important to consider the filter house design, and it includes extreme cold or hot. Low temperature climates where snow or ice is the issue that introduce a degree of unpredictability in the conditions the turbine filter house may be exposed to. The best turbine filter for such application will also be based on the operational goals of the plant or facility. These factors must also be well understood in the selection process to ensure to have a solution that best matches with areas like nature of operations, budgets, the significance of the process and a range of practical maintenance considerations.

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