Industrial Air Filters Media Characteristics

In few of our last posts, we have discussed the characteristics of industrial air filters. The industrial air filters are the devices made up of some fibrous materials that eliminate solid particles like pollen, dust, bacteria and other elements present in the air. Industrial air filters having a catalyst or absorbent like carbon are also used for removing gaseous pollutants and odors like volatile organic compounds.

High efficiency industrial air filters are heavily used in industrial applications where high-quality of air is required, for instance, in engines and building ventilation systems. The efficiency of the industrial air filters is heavily dependent on their filter media since each filter medium has its own characteristic’s. In this article, we will see the important industrial air filter characteristics that should be looked for.

As we know that in industrial outlook, the industrial filter media bears a critical significance due to the sensitivity of industrial applications and desired outcomes. Here are some basic and most important characteristics:

  1. Tensile strength and low co-efficient of variation, which use latest or high-end technology into the network, making reinforcement, so that the tensile strength, stability and initial use of force can be maintained.
  2. High efficiency and filtration precision. Many industrial filters are embedded with polyester fibers and polyethylene polymer film composition with the filter material that best produces the user-specified accuracy.
  3. Industrial air filters media should not only resist fluid corrosion, but it should also not change the chemical nature of a cutting fluid. With fluids having acidic properties, it can be used easily in the range of Minus 40-degree C to 120-degree C.
  4. The stainless steel mesh is another kind of medium that enables more air to flow through. This mesh comes with various mesh counts, delivering a number of filtration standards.
  5. High efficient during the entire process, and low pressure drop are some other important characteristics to look for in industrial air filters media.

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