V-Bank Filter – Important Things to Know

As discussed in our last posts, V-bank filter is heavily in a number of industrial, commercial and residential applications. If you are thinking to but a V-bank filter, or replace the old one, here are some important things to know to facilitate your decision.

The Basics

For those who don’t know, the v-bank filter is the device that eliminates rust, sediments, suspended solids, bacteria, algae, minerals and other types of pollutants from water. Generally, the v-bank filter is designed for water purification systems.

The Main Features

The most important feature of v-bank filter is that it ensures continuous supply of water even during cleaning. It doesn’t affect normal operations. V-bank filters are very easy to operate and hence, are used in residential settings also. They need minimal repair and maintenance, making themselves a budget-friendly option. The apparatus of v-bank filter contains a reliable and secure protection measure. In case of any problem, it automatically rings an alarm.

V-bank filters, as mentioned earlier, are used in range of applications involving water purification. Many v-bank filters are being developed that enable customized setting in terms of technical specifications and parameters to meet exact user’s needs and application requirement.

Most of the filters utilize multi-filter bucket design. They have an area 4 times bigger than normal equipment. Hence, they deliver high working efficiency and low pressure drop.  V-bank filters work according to operating mode as well as status of various equipment so as to adjust the quantity of water to achieve the target of improving facility efficiency.

The Special Characteristics:

  1. The v-bank filters are usually made as per international standard sizes.
  2. These filters are of computer-regulated in industrial settings.
  3. Every part of v-bank filter is strictly tested.
  4. The v-bank filters also use special glass fiber as the filter material than enhances their efficiency.


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