Gas Turbine Filters – Water & Salts Impacts

Gas turbine filters, as discussed in few of our last posts, are the vital components of many industrial applications. However, some of the key factors that can badly affect the functioning of gas turbine filters are usually overlooked by the facility managers. Water and salt are two such factors that must be taken care of when it comes to gas turbine filters’ maintenance.

The Impact of Moisture on Gas Turbine Filters

There are many environments where the gas turbines operate, have wet ambient climate. This can be in tropical environments where there is a significant rain with time or coastal areas with lake mist or ocean. Different kinds of moisture present in these environments are experienced together as a particle, by gas turbine filters. The difference between filter functioning in dry and wet conditions is huge. In certain cases, the pressure loss within a filter can increase greatly even with small fraction of moisture. This is applicable to cellulose fiber filters that swell when they get wet. These filters also retain that moisture for a long period of time when pressure loss across the filter is increased.

The Impact of Salt on Gas Turbine Filters

Salt can have an instant impact on the life of gas turbine filters if not cleaned properly. It is usually carried into engine dissolved in a water spray. Salt results in corrosion and fouling. Gas turbine manufacturers generally recommend strict criteria on the quantity of salt that can be permitted to enter gas turbine. In coastal settings, the airborne salt particles easily range from 0.05 to 0.5 ppm on average. If filtration mechanism is not ready to combat salt, it can penetrate into compressor and hot section of gas turbine.

In order to prevent gas turbine affected  from these contaminants present in ambient air, filtration devices are used. These devices are used in today’s contemporary filtration systems.

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