Hotel Air Filters – The Varieties

Hotel air filters have become a vital part of today’s hotel’s design and ventilation infrastructure. Previously, HVAC systems used to overlook the aspect of hotel air filters and their timely replacement to ensure optimal performance. Today, an increasing number of hotels have been deploying a range of specialized hotel air filters in view of their significance to control rising level of pollution and poor indoor air quality. In this article, we will highlight some of the most commonly used varieties for hotel air filters.

Many hotels have especially installed HVAC systems having hotel air filters, over their roof tops. This needs manual replacement of filters, often as frequently at least once a month, based on the filter. Hotels are looking for the hotel air filters that result in better energy efficiency and fewer change-outs. Hotel air filters that are efficient by technology and design result in long life, low pressure drop and least level of maintenance. Manufacturers producing hotel air filters that consume lower energy and possess robust design to withstand rough environmental conditions, are going to succeed in the market. If the filters have prolonged life, the replacement requirement is greatly reduced along with much reduction in carbon footprints and waste, without capital expense.

Apart from the rooftop HVAC systems and hotel air filters, hotels also go for the filter solutions for meeting in-room heating and air conditioning requirements. To help trap airborne dust that is accumulated on these units, while simultaneously, maintain great air flow through the HVAC unit, high air flow hotel air filters are rising in popularity. These are the filters electrostatically charged for increased particle detention. These hotel air filters are developed from a range of open flow channels and because of their self-supporting designs, the high air flow hotel air filters are easy to installed and quick to replace.



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