Pocket Filters – Liquid Filtration & Applications

When it comes to liquid filtration, pocket filters come out as a rising and popular technology being used across the industries. Pocket filtration for industrial liquid filtration are customized specifically as per the needs of the filter and membrane manufacturers, for instance for lubricant and coolant, food and beverages, fuel and oil, pool and spa, and blood plasma filtration. Non-woven pocket filters are also the prime component in a range of filter cartridges and are usually best suited to be used as membrane support media.

Pocket Filters in Food & Beverages Industry

In severely hygienic areas like food and beverage industry and even drinking water filtration, special filter media is required that can meet different requirements with the highest standards. Pocket filter media makes sure that requirements related for hygiene, diversity and efficiency are successfully met.

High-quality pocket filter media have the following characteristics:

  • Made up of 100% raw materials proved as physiologically safe
  • They make sure the filtration of the dirt particles from liquids without having any negative effect on their consistency.
  • Can be assembled on an individual basis
  • Are long lasting and offer high cost effectiveness
  • Make sure high wet strength

For the complex requirements seen in different applications involved, pocket filters are usually tailor-made and field proven solutions.

Lubricants & Coolants

Whether for painting processes or surface finishing, when it comes to lubricants and coolant filtration, pocket filters provide high-quality filter media for any machining and system process. The pocket filters’ non-woven fabrics are developed especially developed to cater the different demands of making industrial process liquids and provide an ideal combination of versatility, efficient and the highest purity. Pocket filters filter solid particles and dirt from all types of liquids and coolants. The applications involve:

  • Oil and water emulsions
  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Cutting oils
  • Washing
  • Galvanic & phosphating baths

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