The Significance Of Hotel Air Filters Maintenance

The hotel air filters have now become a mandatory equipment in all scales of hotels in most of the jurisdictions. However, the point that is often not much emphasized is hotel air filters cleaning and maintenance.

Though guidelines are provided by the regulations, yet many of the hotels are still neglecting the maintenance requirements, putting their hotel air filters and health of the people under risk. As per research and recent studies, if properly maintained, the hotels’ AC units can function at peak performance level for even up to 10 years. In fact, as per the Green Lodging News, hoteliers can prolong the life of their filter units by 3 to 5 years just by carrying out the regular servicing as prescribed by the manufacturers.

Avoiding the preventive maintenance has an impact on the life of an asset. A well-defined and a clear sign for your hotel air filters require immediate servicing, is the loud or unusual noise. If not appropriately cleaned, the filters have to exert efforts a lot harder and longer for cooling the room, leading to increased noise and eventually annoyance for visitors and guests. Cleaned and timely maintained air filters result in less noise and better airflow, implying that guests are expected to enjoy utmost comfort in terms of temperature and complain about AC system less often.

A bad odor is also an immediate sign that your hotel air filters are dirty. Instead of trying to get over the odor with sprays, it is better to inspect and identify the source since it could possibly be coming from air filters.

One of the studies has found that among all issues faced by the guests, the dirty rooms have the most negative effect on satisfaction. By ensuring proper and timely cleaning of hotel AC units, hoteliers can always enhance the property’s cleanliness by reducing noise, removing bad odors and stale air, and preventing mold and mildew to grow within the premises.

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