The Kinds of HEPA Air Filter

In few of our last posts, we have seen what HEPA air filter is and how does it work. In this post, we will see the major kinds of HEPA filters being used in many industries. Though, HEPA filters when divided on the basis of technology, is of various kinds, we have taken into an account the HEPA air filter technology in this post.

The most common kinds of HEPA air filters, which are heavily used in many industries, are:

Traditional Polyester or Fiberglass

These disposable and inexpensive HEPA air filters are to be replaced on a monthly basis. Since these are mainly used to protect the HVAC system of the facility from damage, their media is heavily dense and can only capture bug particles. This filter kind is though very common, yet not much effective in case of respirable, smaller particles present in the air.

Reusable/Washable Filter

While this HEPA air filter usually have high purchasing cost, but it can be used for many years and doesn’t need frequent replacement. These filters need high maintenance since they are to be washed out every month and reused. However, the particles eliminated when the filter is washed can end up back in the facility environment. This HEPA air filter catches Microscopic allergens like smoke, smog, dust and big allergens like pet dander, pollen and mold. It also captures big particles like dust and lint.

Deep Pleated Filter

Deep pleated filters are almost 6 inches deep and therefore can only be used for HVAC systems that are compatible to them. This filter kind might have a reusable frame and a media needs to be replaced at least once a year. These filters have been observed to show a wide range of efficiency levels between the various brands. The efficiency level of certain brands is just slightly higher than that of the fiberglass while others consider the performance of the permanently charged electrostatic filter.

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