HEPA Filter – Rising Trend In Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical processing plants and facilities encounter some of the hardest and most complicated challenges, such as products’ cross contamination and the threats of combustible dust and potent compounds.  That’s why, there is a high demand in the industry for the equipment that can effectively meet the rigorous cleaning demands in the settings characterized by chemicals and strong odors.

HEPA filters are proving to be the systems that limit the cross contamination in such processes, including tablet presses, polishing machines, capsule filling, milling, central systems, pill de-dusters and other related equipment.

A wide range of HEPA filtration technologies are available that are being deployed by the pharmaceutical industry for ensuring maximum protection from hazardous materials and potent compounds. Different processes require different air cleaning levels, so a significant part of the HEPA air filtration manufacturing is based on analysis of the specifications of the requirements.

Compact HEPA Filter

The filters for pharmaceutical facilities and plants need ultra-clean and fresh air for preventing contamination and related costly damage, where also high airflow is the requirement (as high as 5000 m³/h). HEPA filters are thus applied for clean pharma environment. These filters are especially installed in Cleanrooms to help accomplish standard air quality levels.

Installation & Testing

HEPA filtered air is transmitted to critical areas at a special velocity for sweeping the contaminants away from filling or closing the area and also to have unidirectional flow of air all through the operation cycle. The HEPA filters’ integrity must be maintained so as to have aseptic conditions.

At the time of installation of HEPA filters, leak tests are also done at various intervals to determine if there is any integrity breach around the frames and sealing gaskets or through various points on the filter medium in aseptic processing plant. The efficiency of HEPA filter is also done to rate HEPA filter and retain its maximum efficiency.

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