Bag Filter- The Advantages For Operating Costs

The operating costs of the bag filters are determined mainly by the cost of energy, the cost of replacement of filter bags, and the usage of compressed air. These costs act interdependently as a function of the filter differential pressure. Based on the application, an overall operating costs increases with the decrease in filter differential pressure.

The belief that least operating cost can be availed by keeping this filter differential pressure as least as possible, is therefore not helpful. The rise in overall operating costs with higher filter differential pressure is smaller. Hence, this pressure above an ideal range has less of a degrading impact than an operating point below it.

Fan Energy Usage

If an ideal differential pressure is ensured, the filter fan can be developed with a lower total pressure rise and lower drive power. Along with this, the optimized flow qualities in the bag filter housing also positively affects fan energy consumption, so that, for instance, the percentage pressure loss of housing amounts to only 15 percent of the filter differential pressure with a standard FAL of 1.0 m/min.

Replacement of filter media

The second impressive contributor to the filtration plant operating costs is the cost of replacement of the filter media. Since cleaning occurs in a no-flow condition, the regeneration of the filter bag needs one fourth of the pressure buildup in filter bag in comparison to the online operating mode.

As a consequence of low cleaning intensity, this filter bag is slowly and wisely cleaned while the recoil of the filter medium on support cage is also prevented.  The number of the cleaning impulses is also decreased to half due to the system’s high performing cleaning method. This results in a significantly long life cycle and service life for bag filters, which can be up to 10 years based on the filter bag quality and application.

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