Hotel Air Filters – Solution To IAQ Challenges For Hotels

Today’s hotels are faced with a number of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) challenges; from dealing with absolute needs of living quarters, food preparation, ball rooms, indoor pools and laundry facilities to the struggle for accommodating both smokers and nonsmokers at the same time. The issue of smoking has got immense attention in the hospitality industry, because of high profile cases over legislative trials to ban smoking completely in hospitality settings.

Air conditioning, air quality and its effective management are the main areas of concerns for the hotels. With rising energy costs, it has been observed that these elements alone can contribute to around 15 to 20 percent of the total cost of operating a hotel. Therefore, almost every hotel tries to control this cost by cutting back on its indoor air quality. And the after effects are all too common to hoteliers; lingering smoke and food smell in bars, rooms, restaurants, musty carpets, stiffness in corridors. Most of them fail to determine the source of this issue as “lack of fresh air”.  What is the solution then? The rising use of hotel air filters and effective management of hotel air filtration, give the hint.

The HVAC air filters are considered the best for hotel industry. The HVAC air filters are used to have best practices for Indoor Air Quality maintenance both in new hotel design as well as in renovation of current hotel building structure. Providing healthy and fresh air for the hotel occupants is a tough challenge. In addition, the outdoor air at the higher design level should be conditioned to the indoor design condition level, which enhances the air conditioning tonnage significantly. The recurring cost of energy is another major concern.

A ventilating high-quality device fitted with an efficient energy recovery wheel is the prime choice for HVAC engineers, who recommend its installation in hotels. This saves not only the indoor air quality, prevents entrance of bad outdoor air inside, but also saves energy cost.

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