The Necessity Of Turbine Filters

With time, the demand of gas turbine filter is increasing in a number of industries, all over the world. The gas turbine filters bear critical consequences and applications for the gas turbine engines, upon which a lot of industrial processes are based. The custom gas turbine air filters are rising in popularity, because of their ability not just to prevent contaminants entering the engine, but also avoid energy production loss in harsh environment.

The gas turbine filters are mainly used because of the following key factors:

  • Enhanced contamination control
  • Durability
  • Serviceability

Gas turbines filters are deployed in the roughest environments so the control and electronic equipment that support the gas turbines must be able to function effectively and reliability, even under rough setting and conditions. Blowing dust and sand, and salt fog are the key concerns for wind turbine setting like these contaminants can lead to production power loss and electronics failure. Gas turbine air filters are vital to make sure that harmful contaminants are eliminated from the intake air to ensure efficient operation.

Gas turbine air filters must be able to capture contaminants while still enabling sufficient air flow to make sure that the inside equipment in the turbine stays cool. The air filter should also be rugged adequately to bear the high air flow and UV and heat radiation. If the filters fail to filter the cooling air properly, air can lead to harmful dust entering the engine, overheating the circuit cards and leading to the failure of fans and mechanical controls. This also leads to energy loss and extra maintenance costs.

Bug, rugged and high air flow gas turbine filters are usually used on the turbine intake for preventing the bulk of contaminants entering the equipment. Smaller sized filters are also applied for supplemental filtration on electronic controls, in order to eliminate dust ingress that may enter the turbine.

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