Hepa Filtration System In Workplaces

Research shows that most of the people spend around 90 percent of the time indoors; hence, it becomes easier to see why indoor air quality is a critical concern in recent times. Air pollution is not something new phenomenon. The discovery of the fire, for instance, often made the caves hard to live and work in for ancient generations.

Recently, the extensive utilization of coal made cities, in particular, heavily industrialized and crowded urban areas, and unhealthy working conditions, are the new causes behind respiratory diseases, asthma and allergies. In view of the alarming level of pollution and increasingly industrialized regions, environment regulatory authorities all over the world, have been putting forwarded guidelines and recommendation to ensure healthy indoor quality, especially at workplaces. Installation of high quality HEPA filtration system is one of those.

Workplaces are in danger

While increasing air pollution in residential buildings is a big concern, the same problem is found, at much larger extent, at work. One big difference, though, lies in the fact that people in residential buildings usually have more control over indoor air quality and pollutants found in their property, as well as on means through which they can deal with the situation.

However, at workplaces, the air pollution issue is entirely in the hands of owners or employers, though governments, regulatory agencies and better air quality critics have been known to influence their behavior in this aspect by emphasizing the use of efficient air filtration systems in the premises.

The solution

The best solutions to combat air pollution in workplaces include source control, increased ventilation, source isolation, dehumidification and the installation of HEPA air filtration systems. Though source removal like banning smoking etc is the most successful means, yet using a combined strategy that includes HEPA air filtration makes it easier to make workplaces safer for all.

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