Hotel Air Filters

Hotel Air Filters (4).jpeg

Whether you are running an upscale hotel or a simple bed and breakfast, it is of immense importance that your business provides clean rooms and healthy indoor air quality to your guests. Hotel air filters must capture various allergens such as dust, pet dander and pollen, so that customers don’t have a risk of allergic reactions.

Today, the hospitality industry has radically improved its understanding of air quality that has a direct influence on guests’ health and comfort. Increasing number of customers is sensitive to bad indoor quality in hotels. The very first cause of concern is tobacco smoke, water damage and renovation and odors from various cleaning agents. Moreover, more and more customers are looking for hotels that take care of their need for an asthma and allergy free environment. Hotel air filters are thus important not just from health point of view, but also from commercial perspective.

In hospitality industry, hotel rooms are usually kept at somewhat negative pressurization as a consequence of toilet exhaust fans venting to outside and pulling air in the room under the doors. This implies that air quality in corridor will directly impact the air quality of the rooms. The corridor indoor quality is in turn affected by the outdoor and indoor air from private and public areas of the hotel. As a result, the steady flow of chemicals, particulate pollution, gases and contaminants is pulled into the rooms from corridor. These contaminants impact health and comfort of the customers. Hence air filters like HEPA filters must be installed all through the hotels and not just in rooms, especially in public and private areas where there is less ventilation.

The hotel air filters can be placed in any area, of any size. Hotel air filters nowadays come in with odor eliminators, featuring filter replacement indicator, so that you can easily know when to replace the cartridge.

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