V-Bank Filter- The Increasing Use

In view of increasing environmental regulations and compliance requirements for maintaining a healthy and free of pollutant indoor quality, air filtration has become a mandatory element to be incorporated in most of the commercial and industrial settings.

The rapid installation and increasing demand of air filtration systems have led the manufacturers developing advanced and more effective mechanisms to be applied in various industries. HEPA filters, V-bank filter, evaporative cooling pads, high temperature filters, turbine filters, pocket filter, carbon filter etc are some of the great inventions or extensions in air filtration technology being adopted world-wide. In this post, we will discuss one of them, and that is, V-bank filter.

V-bank filters, as per the industry experts, are by far one of the most excellent kinds of air handling systems that purifies the air effectively and successfully maintain indoor air quality as healthy and free from dust and pathogens. The frame dimensions of the air filter, its depth and highly efficient performance meet the requirements that standard air filtration systems must have.

As far as the benefits of V-bank filters are concerned, the biggest benefit lies in that fact that the design of these filters decreases filter velocity and filter pressure declination by around 60 percent, this saving a great amount of energy. It makes a great choice for environment friendly industries. In addition, its eco-friendly design also increases the filters’ life by almost 4 times, hence saving maintenance and replacement cost in the long run, for the users. Because of this, it is a great option for industries where heavy usage of air filtration system is expected.

Some of the great features of V-bank filter include:

  • MERV 12 to MERV 16 available
  • Media is resistant to damage
  • Significant low pressure drop
  • Light weight and portable
  • easy to handle
  • Plastic construction prevents corrosion

The typical applications include single-stage V-bank filter housing for:

  • Commercial settings
  • Industrial settings
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Medical facilities

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