Commercial Air Filters – The Significance

If we talk about extending the lifespan and efficiency of your commercial air filter units, one of the most significant yet most overlooked parts is the replacement of commercial air filter replacements. Air flow is a critical part of any commercial air filtration system. Clean commercial air filters are necessary for the overall efficiency and protection of the unit. The function of the air filter is to keep the air pollutants like dust, pet hair and dirt from entering the commercial air filtration system and clogging its parts.

Letting the air filter to become too messy leads to unit’s parts to suffer badly since there will be an inadequate air flow. In case of reduced air flow through the filtration system, the system has to run for longer period of time to attain the required temperature. A dirty commercial air filter can greatly decrease system’s energy efficiency.

Heating units thus become vulnerable to overheating and the evaporators on cooling units can start freezing, further leading to reduced air flow. These conditions are highly damaging to the commercial air filtration system. Hence, replacing the air filters is vital for the durability of your commercial unit as well as keeping it running at its utmost efficiency.

It is recommended that commercial air filters must be changed every one to three months, based on the kind of air filters they are and their frequency of usage. Usually, the commercial air filters are faced with heavier usage as compared to households; hence their replacement is more frequent.

In addition, also check the manufacturer’s details regarding the air filter replacement. Mostly, the commercial air filters have a 90 day recommended lifespan. The HVAC filters are better option than flat filters since they have bigger surface to catch pollutants. A lot of other factors are also there to determine how frequently you should replace your air filters. You manufacturer can better give you details in this regard.

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