Pocket Filters

As discussed in few of our last posts, pocket filters are the filters used in many HVAC applications for the removal of dust from air. They are usually in a lot of commercial applications and also as the pre-filters in HEPA filters in healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry. Pocket filters are available in a range of pocket number, from 3-12, based on their frame size. The frame is made up of either plastic or metal. As per industry analysis, the most commonly used frame sizes of the pocket filters are:

  • 592 x 592 mm
  • 592 x 490 mm
  • 592 x 287 mm
  • 287 x 287 mm

Our pocket filters perfectly meet all demands of standard air handling mechanisms as to frame depth, frame dimensions and filter performance. A high quality pocket filter, as provided us, is supposed to have the following attributes, making it ideal to be used in a number of household and commercial applications.

  • Aerodynamic tubular spacers directs the air entering the pocket, leading to reduced pressure decline and energy cost, while ensuring utmost utilization of media
  • Completely encapsulated pockets make sure the delivery of leak free outcomes
  • Temperature resistance is at continuous 160 F, peaks at 200 F
  • The filters are great for all kinds of air filtration systems. The filter is developed to bear extreme humidity, and high turbulences and velocities.
  • We develop our own organic synthetic filter media.
  • Thermally bonded synthetic fibers (organic) are non-shedding, resistant to majority of chemicals and microbially neutral.
  • This media is developed as a fine growing structure design that is able to deliver extraordinary low pressure declines while maintaining high efficient levels.
  • Self supported pockets stay rigid in the airstream throughout.
  • The pocket filter are certified and considered as low emitting and high microbial resistant filters

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