Commercial Air Filters- Is Press Drop Still A Problem?

In few of our last posts, we discussed about commercial air filters applications in various industries to help facility managers and building owners’ decision making regarding choosing the right commercial air filters. In this post, we will talk about the emerging technologies in commercial air filtration systems and their installation.

We all know that increasing the commercial air filters’ efficiencies usually lead to higher pressure declines. This is one of the most common challenges faced by the users. Nowadays, there are a lot of commercial air filters that have been manufactured to provide high efficiencies with negligible or insignificant increase in the pressure drop. For instance, the mini-pleat V-cell filters accommodate up to 4 times of the media in 24x24x12 filter pack. This is achieved by developing 1 inch min-pleat panels in a V-style filter pack. The idea here is quite same as that of V-bank filter housing. It contains more area of filter surface; therefore, it reduces air flow resistance. In the cases having just one filter track, the highest MERV reading should be taken into an account, giving the airflow pressure decline is not increased above the point of system design abilities.

Installation considerations

Along with selecting a proper commercial air filter, a number of issues must be thought of before installing or updating the system. Many commercial air filters show the problem of air filter bypass, which happens when air flows around the filter instead of flowing through it. This leads to decreased collection efficiency and affects the intended use of the filter. By simply enhancing filter efficiency without addressing the filter bypass problem successfully, the filter will give very little additional benefit. If the hardware or frames of the system or even housing leaks, and if the filter is poorly fitted, then you must be ready to face reduced filtration efficiency and performance.

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