Hepa Filter

In last few posts, we have talked about heap filter and its design, in a great deal. In this article, we will discuss some great uses and applications of Hepa filter.

Hepa filters and air purification

In view of the rising pollution and consequent spreading of various diseases, air purification and filtration has become immense important, especially in healthcare settings. Hepa filters are heavily used for air purification and filtration applications for regulating the particles present in the air and controlling them to the least possible level.  Due to the efficiency and result oriented features of heap filters, these are now used in a wide range of applications, including commercial, industrial and institutional, for air purification purposes.

Hepa filters & biological safety cabinets

Hepa filters are also used in biological safety cabinets in order to give the maximum prevention for people, products and medical laboratory settings. In order to make sure optimum and safe performance and execution, the heap filters must be tested on a regular basis and their re-certification is also to be done by qualified personnel on specified time intervals.

Hepa filters & pharmaceutical industry

Hepa filters are also seen in Laminar flow hoods in order to give maximum prevention to products mixed in the lab or mixed and distributed in pharmacies. Again, to make sure consistent performance of Hepa filters, their testing and certification are to be done on timely basis.

Hepa filters & operating/surgical rooms

Hepa filters are installed in surgical operating room, and other important medical air filtration applications. These provide highest quality of air purification, which helps to safeguard the life and health of both medical staff and patients. All healthcare based heap filter systems need to be designed and installed by professional engineers having specialized skills in this regard, since any technical error might leads to ineffective results.

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