Pocket Filters

The pocket filters feature a tapered design that give high dust retention and air flow capabilities in a manner requiring little space as the filter is packed for the transportation. Pocket filters are available in many executions with the filter media and frame options that can be tailored to meet the operation requirements and conditions as per user’s specific ventilation unit. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common forms of pocket filter being used today.

MaxFlo M5-F9 is usually suggested for ODA 2-3 settings. It is an energy effective supply air filter having a high performance and application spectrum. The dimension of this pocket filter can be tailored to all commonplace frame depths and dimensions. As a standard, pocket filters are sewn in the high loft glass microfibers that are laminated on the protective micro tissue. The chosen filter media enables MaxFlo to successively enhance filtration efficiency during the lifespan of filter and is particularly suitable for air intakes in heavily trafficked urban settings ODA2-3.

GreenFlo M5-F7pocket filter is recommended for ODA 1-2 settings. This pocket filter is the universal filter that is suitable for all kinds of ventilation units. Prominent features of the GreenFlo are the high filter impact at start-up and very low CO2 footprint because of the use of renewable PLA fibers in the pocket filters. PolyLactic Acid (PLA) are moisture proof and strong synthetic fibers got by fermentation of the natural sugar in an industrial process. Bigger filter surfaces and conical pocket bags tied with the modern sewing technology also lead to slow pressure decline and hence lower energy cost. The pocket filters saving energy are also ecofriendly and helps in decreasing energy consumption.
Pocket filters are gaining much popularity in hospital and healthcare settings, where air filtration needs to be optimized to accurate levels.

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