Laboratory Ovens

Man in white jacket removing object from hot oven

Laboratory ovens are high forced volume thermal convection applications. These ovens usually give uniform temperatures throughout. The process applications for laboratory ovens may be for die-bond curing, annealing, drying, sterilizing, polyamide baking and other industrial laboratory applications. The normal size ranges from one cubic foot to 0.9 cubic meters, with temperature ranges over 340 degree Celsius. Laboratory ovens and all lab equipment require mandatory maintenance and safety procedures in order to function properly and are usually used in a number of configurations and applications, including the forced convention, clean rooms, inert atmosphere, horizontal airflow, and pass through. The industries that typically use laboratory ovens of different kinds include technology industry, healthcare sector and transportation industry. In engineering based laboratories, ovens are used for drying soil, rock, asphalt and concrete samples.

The laboratory oven is a vital part of your daily workflow, making sample glassware drying to the most sophisticated, with controlled heating applications. The heating and drying ovens are embedded with temperature stability and reproducibility for all required application needs. Helping to make sure maximum safety, efficiency and ease of use, these ovens are developed with sample protection as the major requirement.

General protocol ovens

These laboratory ovens carry out routine or usual applications with ease and safety. These give a good heating and drying solution for clinical, industrial and research needs. These are one of the basic types of laboratory ovens used in most of the industries.

Advanced protocol ovens

With advanced protocol ovens, you can execute multiple applications at a time, since these ovens give precise temperature uniformity with low energy consumption. These feature gravity convention technology that gives maximum temperatures as high as 330 degree Celsius.

Precision ovens

These ovens are highly performing ones in order to conduct various drying applications that need high temperature, stability and ultra-precise temperature control over a wide range of temperature, like above 325 degree Celsius.

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