Laboratory Furniture


scientist professor working in the laboratory

Laboratory furniture is quite different from the usual definition of furniture people have in mind. There are no big sofas, chairs, tables and other common furniture items. Instead, the laboratory furniture is mainly based on special lab equipment and tools since laboratory is used for carrying out specific experiments and other sensitive measurements. In order to have accurate results of the reactions or processes being carried out in laboratory, it is important that you maintain each of lab equipment accurately so as to avoid any dust accumulation or particles deposition over it that can affect the results. In this article, we will discuss one of the vital laboratory furniture items, microscope, and the way it should be maintained.

Cleaning of lens:

The most important component of microscope is lens. Most of the manufacturers suggest its cleaning with small amount of alcohol or isopropyl or ethyl, and then it can be gently wiped in one direction. However, keep it in mind that never apply this directly onto lens. Immersion oil must be applied and wiped from the surface immediately as soon as you apply alcohol. You can use xylene to wipe oil properly. Xylene may leave a film on surface. In order to prevent it, always moisten your second wipe with alcohol and apply this to remove residual xylene.

Replacement of Lamp:

When replacing bulbs or lamps, avoid touching their glass with your bare hands. Fingerprints of your fingers left on the bulb would actually burn into the glass and decrease bulb’s life expectancy and quality.

Fitness of the microscope:

It is a nice idea, every week, for the scope user to put the focusing process through its paces. During usual use the process is probably not worked through its complete range of motion. Rotate both coarse and fine focus knobs from end-stop to end-stop several times.

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