Tips for Proper Lab Equipment Maintenance

Double exposure of scientist hand holding laboratory test tube

Proper and regular maintenance of the lab equipment is of prime importance in any lab since contamination of any kind can stop the project in its tracks or may invalidate the laboratory outcomes altogether. While the maintenance is usually one of the most costly operating expenses as far as lab budget is concerned, they are just important for an accurate operation. In this article we will explore some great tips for properly maintaining lab equipment. However, it is also important to know the role of the lab technicians as well as understanding these tips since these will be executed by technicians.

Mostly, lab technicians hold the critical responsibility of keeping the lab organized, clean and fully equipped. This can entail sanitizing equipment and surfaces and cataloging equipment before and after the use, and as disposing of the labs chemicals, specimens and bio hazardous waste in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable.

Keeping the lab organized and sterile

In order to avoid cross contamination and make sure the accurate outcomes, proper sanitation and organization of the lab supplies and equipment are critical.

Protective gear and clothing

The workplace must be sanitized and lit well. Lab technicians must always wear some protective lab coat, lab gloves, mask and goggles while handling the lab specimens. The heavy duty protective wear must be worn while working with substantially hazardous materials and chemicals or when cleaning equipment used to carry noxious stuff that may damage any body organ or part of skin of human.

Cleaning the lab glassware

The sterile, clean glassware is quite important, in particular in a medical lab setting. Contamination can lead to erroneous test results. All glassware must be completely free of any grease and other kinds of contaminants including laboratory incubators. It is also important to rinse the glassware well to avoid any clinging liquid or residue on the inner walls.

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