Evaporator Coil

Technicians working in the pharmaceutical production line

This article discusses the evaporator coil, its manufacturing, functioning and the applications in a number of industries. The evaporator coil functions with the indoor unit, working with the air conditioner or the heat pump for cooling and conditioning the indoor air flowing over it by extracting out moisture and heat. The coil, also termed as an indoor oil or evaporator oil, is quite vital for any home cooling and heating system. Its function, i.e. heat transfer is one of the most significant factors in getting heating and cooling efficiencies that keep the homes comfortable throughout the year.

The evaporator coil is placed indoors or can be installed with the furnace of can be a part of the air handler. Within the coil, the refrigerant is evaporated since it soaks heat from the indoor air passing onto it. The coil necessarily functions as a heat exchanger, functioning with heating system in the winter and like a cooling system in hot summer. In order to balance out the extreme effects of the weather, evaporator coil thus becomes essential both in industrial or commercial and household settings.

Like all the parts of the high quality home comfort systems, each of the coil passes through authentic testing in order to make sure that it has the greatest protection and durability against the refrigerant leaks. The evaporator coil is tested in high pressurized helium to 325 pounds per square inch. This enables the detection of the leak as small as 10 ounces per year. A little amount, we know, but since any leak would negatively affect the efficiency of the system, any leak is just not acceptable. Hence maintenance is required on timely basis. Durability means that the home or office would remain comfortable for 5-10 years minimum hence once you make an investment, you can sit back and relax.

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