Taking Care of Lab Equipment

Box con attrezzature meccaniche

Having the top quality data collection is quite important for the success of the scientific experiments, especially in the field of chemistry. Lab equipment like test tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers and scientific balances hold products and chemical reagents of major reactions. Since the products and reactants involved in a chemical reaction must be cautiously weighted and balanced for analysts and the fact that some reactions are hard to instigate and manage, having the glassware and other liquid handling equipment that are free from any kind of contamination is critical. Proper and regular basis care of lab equipment is important skill for any physical scientist or laboratory worker today.

The most primary and important measure to make sure that lab equipment is not in contact with any contaminate, is to rinse well any item used, both before and after the experiment, with deionized water. Using this water to wash lab equipment is essential since it is free of electric charge and contains a relatively neutral pH. Ordinary water gets clung to glass ware sides and is likely to change the pH of the added solution and bring systematic error in the calculations. Any lab equipment which has been washed should be cautiously dried with dry towel that cannot leave or shed any other residue.

Science lab equipment can be broken all too often, however worst case is that when it is managed in a rough way or stored improperly. It starts to develop hidden cracks and chemical films on the surface if this is the case. Most of the experiments involve use of strong bases and alkalis that must be held in glassware. If they contact with skin, serious burns can occur. Glassware having hidden cracks is highly prone to break and come in skin contact, leading to dangerous injuries and burns. 

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